Requirement for cooling

Most pharmaceutical products should not be stored above 25°C. This makes it vital that pharmaceutical companies ensure their warehouses comply with these regulations.

With temperatures rising over time, and the prediction for further heatwaves like the one we have experienced in 2018, the requirement for cooling is only going to increase.

How does it work?

How can you ensure your pharmaceutical products are kept at the right temperature?

Most pharmaceutical warehouses use ventilation to keep products cool, as refrigeration is prohibitively expensive.

However, ventilation cannot maintain compliance with temperature requirements during prolonged periods of high temperature. This risks degrading stock and exposure to legal penalty.

Evaporative cooling can, if correctly specified, ensure full compliance. It is of course essential that the design phase takes account of the requirements for temperature compliance.

Vent-Tech cooling – the cost-effective solution to meeting pharmaceutical storage regulations

The considerable expense of running air conditioning systems means that many pharmaceutical companies do not install cooling systems. This puts them at risk of exceeding the legal limits of their temperature controlled environments.

Vent-Tech install pharmaceutical eco-cooling systems which present a cost-effective solution to these challenges. These systems can be set to run ventilation continuously but only cool the air when required. This significantly reduces the energy consumption at your facility.

The factory ventilation systems we install are fully balanced. They do more than simply lower air temperature. Additionally, they extract some airborne contaminants. The benefits of this include making the workplace environment more pleasant and safer for employees, as well as helping your company to comply with the minimum air changes per hour required by the building regulations.

The results of our cooling systems are impressive. They can slash your cooling cost by up to 90%.

Pharmaceutical air temperature regulation

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) license pharmaceutical cooling wholesalers. They audit licensed warehouses who must show their compliance.

There are two criteria for temperature compliance.

First, mean kinetic temperature over a seven day period must not exceed 25°C. This is logarithmic calculation that gives a weighted average using the Arrhenius equation.

Second, absolute maximum temperature must never exceed 30°C.

During extended periods of hot weather, ventilation alone cannot ensure compliance with the MHRA requirements. However, correctly specified evaporative cooling can maintain full compliance.

Additional features of Vent-Tech evaporative cooling systems

Vent-Tech’s eco-cooling systems utilise the most efficient types of fan available called electrically commutated (EC) fans. Speed control further improves efficiency. Running the Eco Cooling system at 50% speed reduces the energy used by the fan by more than 85%.

Low water operating temperature, avoidance of droplets and stagnant water, regular maintenance, and avoidance of corrosion and scaling mean the Vent-Tech evaporative cooler is hygienic and fully complies with all legionella control regulations.

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