Extraction Systems Design Services from Vent-Tech

Need the help of an experienced ventilation designer?

A new extraction system can be a big capital spend for an organisation - and we know that sometimes in order to get it signed off it is important to see the design (and understand what the results of ventilation will be) first.

To meet this need, Vent-Tech offers a complete system design service so that you can benefit from our expertise in designing ventilation systems before the funding for the full installation is agreed. This is a chargeable service, but if you do proceed with the installation with Vent-Tech the fee will be discounted from your final invoice.

Ensuring your ventilation is fit for purpose

If you are going to invest in an extraction system you want to know that it is going to do what it is supposed to do, so getting the ventilation design carried out by a specialist company, such as Vent-Tech, is a worthwhile move even if you have your own preferred company for the installation of the system.

All Vent-Tech's design, testing and commissioning engineers are BOHS (British Occupation Hygiene Society) qualified and have considerable experience. All designs comply with the relevant Health and Safety recommended practise so you can have the confidence that your employees are being protected from the hazardous substances being extracted, as long as they are installed properly and serviced regularly.

We even have the ability to model the ventilation system's design on our solid works software so, we are able to demonstrate at design stage how the ventilation system will work via an animated design showing air flow, venting etc.. 

Requirement for 3 system design quotes?

Comparing quotes for an extraction system can be a minefield as often the systems being quotes for are not comparable and it can be difficult to decipher where the differences lie. One way to overcome this is to get the design done by Vent-Tech, so ensuring that all suppliers are quoting on the same design offering a true cost comparison.

This is a service which is popular, particularly with clients with manufacturing facilities abroad where it may not be economic for Vent-Tech to install the full ventilation system.  The client can be confident that the design they are using if followed, will offer their staff full protection from hazardous substances.

For more information on system design call us on 01179 716163 or complete the form to the right.