Research and development (R&D) from Vent-Tech can help you overcome LEV problems that other companies cannot solve.

At Vent-Tech, we work alongside our customers in every way. If you have a challenging LEV or dust and fume extraction problem, we are happy to rise to it, even when no pre-existing solution is available. In these circumstances, we design, develop and build bespoke components and systems to ensure your LEV functions correctly.

These will be tested initially on CAD before a model is built and tested in our dedicated R&D workshops.

Once we are happy with this we can build a full scale model on site to test the functionality and user suitability prior to committing to a full build.

Our highly skilled and qualified engineers are known in the industry for being able to find solutions to problems where others can’t.

Saving money on systems where R&D is required

If a bespoke ventilation system is necessary to solve a particular problem, then you may even be able to recover a portion of your expenditure by claiming for Research & Development Tax Credits in your corporation tax return. Any project you work on where you are overcoming a technical challenge (in essence the solution requires a degree of ingenuity) may well qualify.

The value or an R&D tax credit claim will vary depending on your company status and profitability, but could be worth up to about 33% of your eligible R&D costs. This means the actual amount claimable will vary by project depending on what part of the project can be deemed qualifying R&D expenditure.

If you need help in deciding whether you could claim for a proportion of your costs, have a chat with us and we can point you towards a company who may be able to help.

Examples of our LEV R&D

We offer our R&D service in conjunction with our airflow simulation. First we will simulate the flow of air from your machinery to properly understand what we are dealing with. Then we design the solution and develop models to prove the concept of our designs.

Examples of our R&D in LEV design include:

  • Constructing filter plants for nanoparticles.
  • Designing hoods to fit into confined spaces.
  • Building hoods that will work around complex plant and machinery.

Why we carry out LEV R&D, and our service to you

We strive to raise the standards of the LEV industry. One way we do this is to take it upon ourselves to research and develop extraction system design principles. This ranges from capture capabilities of extraction arms, to stack designs to ensure contaminants are safely discharged.

As we carry-out our R&D, we will provide you with a report and a Solidworks flow simulation video, illustrating the control provided by our proposed solution.

We can build and test mock-ups of the proposed solution, allowing you to physically see the finished prototype before progressing to the next stage.

Watch our R&D Video:

Find out more about Vent-Tech’s R&D service

If you are struggling to find the right LEV solution, have found that others could not provide adequate designs or just know that your needs are complex, get in touch with us. You can find out how our R&D service will provide the right solution for you. Call us on 01179 712 163 or use the contact form.