Posted by Adrian Sims on Oct 2, 2017
Last month, at Vent-Tech, we will said farewell to our old offices and September marks our move to pastures new as we have relocated to a new home. Since we started operating in 2001 we have established our business into one of the UK's leading dust and fume extraction companies. We have outgrown our current location...
Posted by Adrian Sims on Aug 29, 2017
An explosion at a chemicals plant recently resulted in Industrial Chemicals Ltd receiving a £1.2 million fine. The penalty is in line with tougher new sanctions being dealt out by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).
Posted by Adrian Sims on Jul 18, 2017 LEV Training, Mentoring
Have you recently completed LEV training either at Vent-Tech or another provider? Would you like help putting your learning into practise? This is where the Vent-Tech LEV Mentoring service could be useful for you.
Posted by Adrian Sims on Jun 28, 2017 LEV HSE
Chemical dipping tanks are a practical way of stripping coatings off objects such as wooden furniture or metalwork. However, the chemicals used in them, if strong enough to strip or soften coatings, are almost always going to be potent enough to pose a serious health risk to the employees operating the tanks. This is something the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) takes very seriously.
Posted by Adrian Sims on May 26, 2017 Vehicle Exhaust
You may have heard a growing clamour in the news about the harm that the nation’s diesel fleet is doing to our health. Now the Daily Mail report that scientists have uncovered exactly how diesel fumes cause damage to our respiratory systems. In a study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, an Imperial College-led research team examined the effect of particles in diesel fumes on lung tissue.
Posted by Adrian Sims on May 10, 2017 Uncategorized
Employers are required by law (COSHH Regulations) to assess the risk to their employees of hazardous substances. These risks must then be prevented at source or controlled. Sadly, in practice, when we are LEV testing we see systems that we have failed in the past and are still failing. In light of the huge impact of workplace exposure to contaminants, we would like to see it become mandatory that when an LEV system fails an inspection it is a reportable offence.
Posted by Adrian Sims on Jan 27, 2017 Dust Explosion, Flour dust, HSE, LEV
Employees in manufacturing environments such as bakeries are susceptible to exposure to airborne dust particles, including flour. Vent-Tech can guide you through the process of improving your current system to keep your employees safe and ensure compliance with COSHH guidelines.
Posted by Adrian Sims on Jan 12, 2017 HSE, LEV HSE, Oil Mist, Wood dust
There have been a number of high profile prosecutions recently of companies who have not had the right LEV equipment in place. The HSE currently has a focus on occupational asthmagens and carcinogens, meaning that companies involved in woodworking, fabricated metal and food manufacture are particularly in their sights for proactive inspection.
Posted by Joe Buckley on Dec 14, 2016 Uncategorized
So you know you need to have an LEV system installed and you are going through the process of setting up a project with a specialist LEV supplier. You're not sure if you should use an external contractor for the electrical installation or your LEV supplier , so which one should you choose?
Posted by Tiana Rosser on Nov 30, 2016 Design
So why should you consider having a design done? We show you what the benefits are and what to look for so you know you're getting the right service for your money.