Posted by Adrian Sims on Jun 14, 2018 Cooling, Evaporative Cooling, Office Cooling
Have you been sweltering in your office over the last few months? Often companies are unwilling to invest in air conditioning due to the high ongoing costs - but could evaporative cooling hold the answer?
Posted by Adrian Sims on Jun 4, 2018 COSHH, Dust and Fume Extraction, Dust Explosion, LEV, Wood dust
A UK furniture making company has been sentenced and fined for failing to keep its workers safe from harmful hardwood dust exposure. Wood dust can cause a range of serious health problems to people exposed to it on a daily basis. Are you doing enough to keep your workers safe from the dangers of wood dust?
Posted by Adrian Sims on Feb 28, 2018 Dust and Fume Extraction, Flour dust, LEV HSE
Flour dust poses a serious risk to workers who are exposed to high levels of it on a daily basis. The HSE have now announced that they will be focusing on the food sector and in particular, flour dust, throughout 2018. They will be visiting over 300 factories to carry out full inspections to check the levels of airborne dust, extraction equipment, safety wear and flour handling practices. Are you ready for an investigative inspection at your factory/bakery?
Posted by Adrian Sims on Jan 23, 2018 Dust and Fume Extraction, welding
Here at Vent-Tech, we have the knowledge and expertise to advise and supply customers with exactly the right LEV or ventilation products that they need. In some cases, an off the shelf solution is not adequate for the job, so we design, adapt or modify a system to ensure the client has an efficient solution; an LEV system that works and also keeps them compliant with HSE regulations and guidelines for keeping employees safe.
Posted by Adrian Sims on Dec 8, 2017 Dust and Fume Extraction, paint and solvent fumes
Paint and solvent fumes pose a high risk to workers in paint manufacturing factories and also in any workshop where paints are used and applied to an end product. The Health and Safety Executive estimate that 8% of the working population regularly use organic solvents. The largest end user is the coatings industry, where solvents are used to improve the quality and durability of paints and varnishes.
Posted by Adrian Sims on Nov 21, 2017 Awards
We are delighted to have just been presented with the BESA Staff Driven Improvement Initiative of the Year Award (London & South). This award recognises how the level of investment we have made in our employees has led to high levels of growth over the last few years
Posted by Adrian Sims on Oct 2, 2017 Uncategorized
Last month, at Vent-Tech, we will said farewell to our old offices and September marks our move to pastures new as we have relocated to a new home. Since we started operating in 2001 we have established our business into one of the UK's leading dust and fume extraction companies. We have outgrown our current location...
Posted by Adrian Sims on Aug 29, 2017 Uncategorized
An explosion at a chemicals plant recently resulted in Industrial Chemicals Ltd receiving a £1.2 million fine. The penalty is in line with tougher new sanctions being dealt out by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).
Posted by Adrian Sims on Jul 18, 2017 LEV Training, Mentoring
Have you recently completed LEV training either at Vent-Tech or another provider? Would you like help putting your learning into practise? This is where the Vent-Tech LEV Mentoring service could be useful for you.
Posted by Adrian Sims on Jun 28, 2017 LEV HSE
Chemical dipping tanks are a practical way of stripping coatings off objects such as wooden furniture or metalwork. However, the chemicals used in them, if strong enough to strip or soften coatings, are almost always going to be potent enough to pose a serious health risk to the employees operating the tanks. This is something the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) takes very seriously.