Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Testing Case Studies

May 6, 2013

In our previous post How to select a Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Supplier, we referenced a number of useful resources to help businesses select the right supplier when looking to have an LEV system designed, commissioned or maintained.  The same applies for LEV Testing.

In our opinion, one of the most useful of these documents is the HSE LEV Buyers Guide – Clearing the Air.  This includes a series of questions that a business should ask a potential supplier during the proposal process, to help them establish what expertise they have within their specific industry or across similar processes.

The Guide recommends the receipt of references, testimonials from clients and specific case studies and examples as a good way to evaluate the expertise a company has.

At Vent-Tech we find case studies incredibly useful in helping potential clients understand, through real, practical examples, the level of expertise, professionalism, support and guidance we offer in the design and installation of Industrial Ventilation SystemsEvaporative Coolingand LEV Testing.

Case Studies for LEV Testing

There is a legal requirement under Regulation 9 of COSHH Regulations to ensure that any LEV system installed is tested at least every 14 months by a competent person to ensure the safety of employees.

The following are just a few examples of the many clients we have provided COSHH LEV Testing services for:

Royal Mint

Prior to working with us the Royal Mint had been completing internal checks on their local exhaust ventilation systems but wanted to obtain a second opinion from an independent expert to ensure that their internal checks were sufficiently comprehensive.

They were looking for a LEV company that could not only demonstrate sufficient experience within the field but also one that understood the risks involved in working in a hazardous environment where they would be exposed to strong chemicals and significant heat levels.

We initially started working with them on 1 building looking at 22 systems providing them not only with details of any issues identified but practical solutions on how to address them and guidance on how they could strengthen their internal checking processes.

They were so impressed with our services that they asked us to provide annual testing across their entire site.

Kevin Chamberlain, from the Royal Mint, said of our service “We have been very happy with the work that Vent-Tech have provided at the Royal Mint.  In particular, the level of professionalism they have shown has been high and we really value the level of advice we receive about practical improvements that can be made to the systems.”

Read the full case study here.


ARUP, an independent firm of designers, engineers and technical specialists were looking for a firm to provide assistance with a COSHH test on a specialist welding system for one of their clients.

They wanted a COSHH company that could demonstrate a high level of expertise and which operated with the same professionalism they provide to their clients.

After being selected for the contract, we completed the required tests and identified a number of issues with the system and processes.  We were then asked to complete an additional detailed study including particulate monitoring and video analysis of the processes involved.

We presented our full report to the company giving them a detailed analysis of the issues, along with solutions on how they could improve their processes to fully comply with current legislation.

Alex Lofting of ARUP said of our services:

“We have developed a good working relationship with Vent-Tech.  They have a professional approach, consistently providing us with a good level of service and reliability to meet deadlines.

Their expertise means we are comfortable to ask them to present in person to our clients, and they present the information clearly in collaboration with ourselves.  We would recommend Vent-Tech to other companies as experts in their field.”

Read our case studies here
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