Welding Fume Extraction Systems for a Shipping Company

January 23, 2018

Here at Vent-Tech, we have the knowledge and expertise to advise and supply customers with exactly the right LEV or ventilation products that they need. In some cases, an off the shelf solution is not adequate for the job, so we design, adapt or modify a system to ensure the client has an efficient solution; an LEV system that works and also keeps them compliant with HSE regulations and guidelines for keeping employees safe.

The Challenge – Large Scale Welding in multiple Confined Spaces

This large UK shipping company deals with hundreds of shipping containers on a day to day basis within their cargo loading area. Multiple personnel are welding to repair or modify the steel shipping containers on an ongoing basis. The challenge to overcome was to keep up to 14 workers safe from the fumes produced by their welding. These are not set welding stations and of course the dangers are increased because the employees are working within a confined space.

The company needed a mobile, flexible LEV solution to handle a high volume of fumes and daily use. The solution needed careful thought and planning.

Vent-Tech Fume Extraction Solution

After carefully assessing the cargo loading area, measuring exposure levels and gaining an understanding of the flexibility required, Vent-Tech provided the welding fume extraction solution. Naturally, it was fully consistent with the current COSHH regulations and the worker’s safety was the focus of the resulting recommendation.

14 Geovent W3 Mobile Filter Units were firstly adapted by modifying the frequency from 50 hertz to 60 hertz to give significantly more power, this was needed due to the volume of welding and the confined working spaces.


The Geovent W3 Filter Unit is perfect in this situation as it is a complete unit that is light weight and mobile with sturdy rubber wheels. It is designed specifically for the extraction and filtration of fumes, vapours, dust and gases. The polluted air is extracted and led into the filter unit by the extraction arm. The harmful particles or gases are extracted from the airflow in a series of filtering stages and the cleaned air then returns to the working space.

Bespoke Industrial LEV Solutions from Vent-Tech

Do you have ventilation or industrial extraction requirements? Here at Vent-Tech we can design, adapt, supply and fit lev systems for any situation and for any industry sector. From the food or chemicals sectors through to pharmaceutical manufacture.

As an independent LEV company in the UK, we work with several preferred extraction equipment suppliers. This means our system recommendations are always based on your needs and meet HSE regulations, we are not tied to one supplier. Call us on 0117 964 7945 for further information.

Ongoing Support with LEV Testing and Servicing

We provide ongoing support and guidance to our customers to ensure that they remain compliant to regulations and continue to keep employees safe. Have a look at our LEV servicing and testing services or call one of our expert team to get some advice on 0117 964 7945.