Your testing obligations under COSHH

If you have an LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) system, you have already chosen to try and meet your legal obligation to reduce the risk of harm to your employees. But you must go further than this and ensure that your dust and fume extraction system continues to work properly through a programme of regular testing and servicing. As time passes, without the proper LEV testing and servicing, the systems will become less efficient, and in some cases this negligence can pose its own threats. Examples of these risks are different depending on the system, for example, combustion may take place in systems with a build-up of dry dust, and the circulation of airborne illnesses are an increased risk  if LEV systems with scrubber filters are not cleaned properly.

UK regulations state that your LEV systems must undergo a Thorough Examination and Test at least once in every 14-month period. In some cases, it is more often than this. It is important to keep on top of LEV testing to ensure the safety of your employees. Documentation of recent tests should be kept in order so you always know when your next test is due.

Missing out on testing means you will not know if your system is working efficiently, thus putting employees at risk from a number of issues associated with dust and fumes. 

Your LEV test must be carried out by a ‘competent’ person. A competent tester will be able to show you qualifications (enter ILEVE competency card link) For more information about your COSHH testing responsibilities, please click here.

Regular LEV system servicing is also required

Regular servicing is essential to keep your LEV systems in good working order. This does not mean scheduling a service just before a test. Having a compulsory annual LEV test just once a year is unlikely to keep you on top of any issues and maintain continuous smooth running and safe operation. At Vent-Tech we recommend regular  LEV servicing; this can help identify issues before they affect the health of your employees, or before they spiral into problems which will take more time and money to fix.

Our approach to servicing ensures that work is carried out in an orderly and organised fashion. This means there is no last-minute panic and loss of production.

COSHH regulation 9 states that plant and equipment including engineering controls must be maintained in:

  • An efficient state
  • Efficient working order
  • Good repair
  • Clean condition

An examination and LEV test can tell you how your system is currently performing. But to keep it operating correctly and effectively, you must have it serviced regularly.. A service would include a number of checks and our LEV engineers can guide you and your team through your weekly check list so you know what to look out for to minimise future issues, but it is up to you as the employer to ensure that this is kept on top of.

Read more about the benefits of LEV System servicing or find out about the LEV system service packages that we offer.

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