Evaporative Cooling Systems for a Large Office in Scotland

GHI are principal contractors, specialising in the fit-out and refurbishment of commercial properties in all market sectors

They were aware that evaporative cooling could be an efficient way of cooling some offices they were working on,  and contacted Vent-Tech to see if they could help and to find out if it would be a viable option.

The Challenge – Large Office Space over 5 floors was too Hot in Summer

These spacious modern council offices in Scotland were brand new, but despite this they were unbearably hot to work in during the summer months. The offices are situated over 5 floors of a multi-use building with the remainder of the building used for industrial purposes. The real challenge here was that the look and design of the building from an exterior perspective could not be changed. Therefore any solution that involved large unsightly air conditioning units to be installed on the outside of the building was not going to be an option.

The council also wanted a natural solution that would be eco-friendly with no gas or carbon emissions to keep their workforce comfortable (and productive!) whilst working. And as for any business, the running costs needed to be as low as possible with an installation that would cause minimum disruption.

The Solution – Vent-Tech Eco Evaporative Cooling Systems

Vent-Tech’s solution was to install 9 evaporative cooling units within the building in carefully planned strategic positions for maximum efficiency. So as not to affect the aesthetics of the building, they were installed internally with specially designed louvres for the air to be exchanged from the outside. The warm air was extracted from the office spaces via flat grilles in the ceiling. The benefits of these specially designed single phase units are as follows:

  • 90% less expensive to run than traditional air conditioning systems.
  • No Carbon or gas emissions – reducing the carbon footprint.
  • Fresh air used rather than recirculated air – healthier for employees.
  • Auto or manual modes for operation to regulate temperature and humidity very precisely – Full user training was also provided.
  • Fast Installation – 8 weeks to full completion. This included working around the staff for the minimum of disruption to their work.

These 1.5KW, single phase cooling units are guaranteed for 2 years and Vent-Tech also provided a servicing plan to ensure they are always working to optimum standards. These eco cooling systems are uniquely designed to reflect European Health and Safety regulations for further peace of mind.

How Evaporative Air Cooling Works

In very simple terms, evaporative cooling systems circulate cool fresh air through a building, and force out stale hot air. Fresh air from outside is cooled by passing it over water and pads, and is then directed around a building by fans. Humidity and temperature are completely and naturally accurately controlled. This is completely different to traditional air conditioning systems that use re-circulated air and cool with use of refrigerant gases. Read our full comparison to air conditioning here: Eco Cooling Vs Air Conditioning.

Vent-Tech’s evaporative cooling systems will not only save GHI money and reduce their carbon footprint, but also don’t use the refrigerant gases used in traditional air conditioning systems. We have over 12 years’ experience installing these eco solutions, and will always find an effective way to install the units even in the most awkward of spaces or situations.

Can Vent-Tech Help you with a Cooling Solution?

If you are looking for an evaporative cooling solution for your building, whatever its use? Vent-Tech can help – Call one of our expert team to get some advice on 0117 964 7945.

“ We have been very impressed with the service from Vent-Tech. From start to finish, they have been informative on process, punctual and efficient. Our client has been very happy with the new cooling systems; they not only keep the temperature in the office space controllable, but they have not impacted on the exterior design of the building. The installation process was quick and smooth, with the installation team working well with our own operatives through challenging work requirements. I would recommend Vent-Tech to anyone looking for a cooling system that is more eco-friendly and efficient than conventional air conditioning.”

Gavin Watt, Assistant Project Manager, GHI contracts