How much will an evaporative cooling system reduce the temperature?

This is dependent upon the ambient conditions. But, in hot weather in the UK, there is typically an 8C to 10C drop in the temperature of the air through the cooler.

How much water and electricity does an evaporative cooler use?

An evaporative cooler will use an average of 60 litres of water per hour over a 24 hour period during hot weather, and 1.5kW of electricity.

How much does an evaporative cooling system cost to run?

A single evaporative cooling system unit costs about 10p per hour using standard industry utility costs.

Can you catch legionnaires’ disease from an EcoCooling evaporative cooler?

No, because the circulating water is less than 20°C and no droplets are formed.

Has anyone ever caught legionnaires’ disease from an evaporative cooler?

There have never been any cases of legionnaires’ disease attributed to a wetted media evaporative cooler. It is believed there are over 30 million installations worldwide.

How much maintenance is required for an evaporative cooler?

It is recommended that evaporative cooler units are cleaned every six months, and that the pads are replaced as necessary.

How long do the pads last in an evaporative cooler?

In exceptional conditions they can last up to five years. In practical applications in industry, we recommend an annual pad change to maintain hygiene and efficiency.

Do the evaporative cooler pads clean the air?

Yes, the pad will filter out larger particles such as dust or pollen. Insect screens can also be fitted.

Will I get condensation in my building using evaporative cooling?

No, provided the design is based on a balanced ventilation scheme.

Are the evaporative cooling units CE marked?

Yes, the evaporative cooling units are CE marked and fully comply with LV and EMC regulations.

What is the warranty?

Two years, supply only, as long as the unit is serviced by approved engineers such as those at Vent-Tech.


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