LEV Design Case Study - AMG


Ian Smith from AMG Superalloys was attending a P602 course re LEV system design when he met Adrian, who is Vent-Tech’s Managing Director, who was examining on the course.

Ian had with him the design of one of their LEV systems which he had concerns about and ended up having a conversation with Adrian about it – on the back of which Ian asked Adrian to visit his site to talk about a possible design of an LEV system for a roll crusher.


Following on from that initial visit, Vent-Tech have now completed four different LEV designs for AMG to extract metal dust from various processes (some made up of a number of different systems).  In addition they now complete all AMG’s yearly LEV testing – sending two engineers on site every month to test the various systems in rotation.

However what has really impressed Ian has been the level of help and guidance that Adrian and the team at Vent-Tech have been able to provide and the way that they pull out all the stops to accommodate him.

Vent-Tech have provided AMG Superalloys with expert advice and information which has been passed on to the senior management to help ensure that the company moves forward in the future with LEV systems that protect their workers and meet and fully comply with HSE regulations.

“ The service that Vent-Tech have provided me with has been outstanding - without their help over the last year I know I would not be where I now am in regards to LEV on this site. Their expertise and professionalism shine through everything that they do and they go out of their way to help ensure that we get things right. I can't praise the guys at Vent-Tech enough - if you are looking for help with your LEV requirements you could not be in better hands”

Ian Smith, Process Safety Engineer, AMG Superalloys UK Limited