Benefits of servicing your LEV system

You must, by law, get your LEV system thoroughly examined and tested at least once every 14 months (dependent on the process).

But regular servicing is also essential to keep your LEV systems in good working order.

This does not mean scheduling a service just before a test. Servicing your LEV systems annually leaves too much scope for issues to develop in the interim. We recommend servicing every quarter to maintain smooth running and safe operation.

Regular servicing helps prevent inconvenient breakdowns and makes a system more likely to pass a test without expensive remedial work.

Five reasons to service your LEV systems

1. Better protection for your employees, better productivity for your business. According to the latest HSE figures, , 25.9 million days were lost due to work-related ill health in the UK, with an average of 20 days per employee affected. They estimate the economic cost of this to be £9.3 billion – or £17,600 per case (borne by business, the employee and government). If your business is not protecting its employees properly, you could have a number of employees affected. The cost of running an LEV system is likely to offer good value by comparison. In addition, such costs do not take account of cases where an employee has sued the company. In one case, a company settled out of court for £400,000 for just one employee.

2. Your LEV system is less likely to break down. This lowers the risk of expensive downtime during which manufacturing and production processes cannot continue without a properly functioning extraction system.

3. Your system will run more efficiently. As your filters and ductwork become blocked, they will become less efficient. This will be spotted and fixed if you choose a programme of regular servicing, meaning your system will operate at a higher level of efficiency.

4. The equipment is more likely to pass its Thorough Examination and Test (TExT). A system that has been properly maintained with a quarterly servicing programme is far more likely to be in good working condition when it undergoes its mandatory TExT.

5. Your system will continue to be covered by warranty and insurance. If your system is not serviced regularly, your warranty will be invalidated. There is now also a strong suggestion that your insurance company may not cover you if you are found to be in material breach of the law. Failing to maintain your LEV system would constitute this under COSHH Regulation 9.

Our advice is that servicing is undertaken on a quarterly basis. In addition, visual and qualitative checks should be carried out in between – Vent-Tech can train your team to make these.

Why Vent-Tech?

  • All our engineers are fully BOHS qualified so you can be certain your servicing will be fully compliant with HSE guidance.
  • We have experience of servicing systems across a wide variety of industries, meaning that there are few situations we have not come across before.
  • We offer a variety of servicing packages, so you are sure to find one that meets your requirements.
  • If you take out one of our servicing packages, we will contact you directly to arrange servicing dates – meaning you can be confident that you will remain HSE compliant at all times.
  • We can provide you with replacement parts if something needs replacing and advise you on improvements to your system as processes change over time.

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