Vent-Tech's low carbon EcoCooling systems will save you money

Evaporative cooling is the low cost, environmentally friendly alternative to costly air conditioning.

Evaporative cooling works by drawing a constant flow of fresh air over water-saturated pads. As the water evaporates from the pads, it removes heat from the air. Not only does this act as a chiller, but it also filters dust and pollen from the air, ensuring a pleasant, breathe-easy atmosphere.

How can we help you?

“ We have been very impressed with the service from Vent-Tech. From start to finish, they have been informative on process, punctual and efficient. Our client has been very happy with the new cooling systems; they not only keep the temperature in the office space controllable, but they have not impacted on the exterior design of the building. The installation process was quick and smooth, with the installation team working well with our own operatives through challenging work requirements. I would recommend Vent-Tech to anyone looking for a cooling system that is more eco-friendly and efficient than conventional air conditioning.”

Gavin Watt, Assistant Project Manager, GHI contracts

Evaporative cooling - The benefits

  • Save an average 90% on running costs of air conditioning
  • Eliminate the use of refrigerant gases
  • Reduce your carbon emissions with our clever, efficient systems
  • Extremely energy efficient – even during hot periods.
  • Improve corporate environmental credentials
  • A safe hygienic solution circulating fresh, non-recycled air.
  • Works best in well ventilated spaces – there is no need for a sealed building, nor to keep windows and doors closed.

The principles of evaporative cooling

Evaporative cooling works very differently from regular air conditioning. As water is evaporated, energy is lost from the air, reducing the temperature.

Fresh air from outside is cooled by passing it over water. It is then directed around a building using a variety of dispersion methods dependent on the requirements. Humidity and temperature are accurately controlled.

Unlike air conditioning systems that use re-circulated air, evaporative cooling systems circulate cool fresh air through a building, and force out stale hot air.