Testing Kits for LEV Systems

Once you have passed your P601 qualification, you will be able to test your LEV systems. But you will need to have the right equipment.

Following a demand from the attendees on our training courses, we now offer appropriate LEV test kits for sale. This is the same equipment we use for the LEV tests that we undertake, so we feel confident in recommending them.

If you are undertaking a Thorough Examination and Test, these products can help you to ascertain the performance characteristics of your system. It is extremely likely that you will need most or all of these products to undertake a test properly, but if you are in any doubt please give us a call.

To order your LEV test kit

Please call the team on 0117 964 7945 or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you shortly. During the conversation we will confirm whether the products are right for your needs and can take payment

KIMO LV130 Thermo-Anemometer with Integrated Vane Probe

The LV130 Thermo-Anemometer is used to measure air velocity on larger openings such as fume cupboards, enclosures and spray

booths as part of a Thorough Examination and Test. It is usually used alongside the Kimo VT50 and the Kimo MP120.

This new thermo-anemometer features an integrated vane probe which comes with a hold function and automatic power on and off. It measures air speed at 0.3 to 35m/s as well as temperatures at 0 to +50 degrees Celsius.

The device comes with an adjustment certificate and hard case for protection during transport.

Features: Integrated probe, hold function, automatic shut-off, IP54 ABS housing, 100mm vane probe.

Measuring range

Air velocity: 0.3 to 35 m/s

Temperature: 0 to +50 degrees Celsius

Also available: Magnetic covers and smoke tube kits.

KIMO VT115 Telescopic HotwireThermo-Anemometer

VT115 Telescopic hot wire


Kimo Model VT115 Portable telescopic hotwire thermo-anemometer measures air velocity (i.e. the speed of the air) at small openings and hoods to help ascertain the performance characteristics of a system. The telescopic wand extends up to 1 metre.


Measuring Range

  • 0.15 to 35mm m/sec
  • 0 to +50°C

Features and Benefits

  • Calibration Certificate
  • Easy to Use, Adjustable Backlight
  • Automatic Average, Hold-min-max Functions
  • Selection of Units, Debit Calculator

KIMO MP120 Micromanometer with Pitot Tube

This Micromanometer is used to measure the air pressure within ducting in order to ascertain the transport velocity of the air. It is usually used alongside the Kimo LV50 and the Kimo VT50 to measure a system’s performance during an LEV test.

The MP120 is a portable anemo-manometer with an integrated pressure sensor and air velocity calculation.

Functions: Pressure and air velocity measurement with Pitot tube. Supplied with 2 x 1m of silicone tube (black and white), stainless steel tube (6mm width, 100mm length).

It has adjustable climatic parameters, calculation for air velocity with Pitot tube.

Measuring range

Air Velocity: 0 to 40 m/s

Pressure: -1000 to 1000 Pa

Pitot Tube






Other sizes available on request.

Also available: Magnetic covers, smoke tube kits, calibration.

MP 210 M Multi-probe portable thermo-anemo-manometer with Vane probe, Hotwire probe and pitot tube

The MP 210 M combines the capabilities of VT50, MP120 and the LV130 into one instrument. It also allows data logging.

This multi-probe portable thermo-anemo-manometer comes fitted with a pressure module and the following additional attachments:

  • Hotwire probe
    • Used to measure air velocity at small hoods with open faces less than Ø300m
  • Vane probe
    • Used to measure air velocity at larger hoods with open faces greater than Ø300m
  • Pitot tube
    • To be used in conjunction with pressure module to measure static and velocity pressure at the hood, in ducting and across the filter and fan.

Backlit graphic display, two input channels for measuring probes as well as output for PC and printer.

Supplied with: Thermocouple K/J/T/S/N channel, one cable with mini-DIN connector, four measuring probes, 2 x 1m silicone tube (black and white), lithium ion rechargeable battery with USB/mains adapter cable, calibration certificate and transport case.

Functions: pressure, temperature, air velocity and airflow.

Measuring Range

Air Velocity: 2 to 100 m/s

Temperature: -200 to +600°C

Pressure: -2500 to 2500 Pa

Concept Air Trace MK2 - Hand held battery Smoke Machine

The Concept Air Trace MK2 has a 12v DC operation (battery operated) with just a one second warm up time required. Its smooth, low output is ideal for tracing local airflow patterns. It is lightweight and easy to use and, being handheld, is 100% portable. The Concept Air Trace MK2 comes complete with a professional carry case, battery, extension spout, charger and 500ml of smoke fluid which is enough for 250 minutes of smoke. The  switch mode charger will charge from a 110v / 230v.



General Specification (approx.) – Air Trace

Size                                                                                        23 x 7 x 8cm

Weight                                                                                 2.7kg

Power Consumption                                                       65-75W

Output                                                                                 100 ft3 / min

Tank Capacity                                                                    110cc

Consumption                                                                     2cc/min

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