Royal Mail with Wates Smartspace


Wates Smartspace were the main contractors for a brand new distribution centre for Royal Mail in Blackpool.

We had already worked with Wates Smartspace for a couple of years on other Royal Mail projects, following an approach from them because this part of their handover process had not been working as desired.  Despite the build process being successful, they were concerned that, without help, the delivery of  the building manuals could potentially become a hindrance to the growth and continuation of contracts.

The appointment of Vent-Tech to handle the Building Manual element gave Wates the confidence that their handover process would improve, and this has proved to be the case. This meant that when they received the contract to build the new distribution centre, Vent-Tech were appointed as a matter of course as they had become Wates’ trusted source for producing Building Manuals.

The Result

The requirements were to gather the general project information, drawings and statements from the design team and O&M manuals from sub-contractors for production of the Building Manual for the project. Being a new build project, rather the usual refurbishment projects we are involved with, this file was larger than standard but still need to be detailed and comprehensive.

We were required to deliver a set of hard copy files to site for a set date. This was delivered in person, and Vent-Tech Limited attended the handover meeting to input on behalf of Wates Smartspace in respect to the files and their contents.

Wates’ client Royal Mail have over the years become accustomed to our involvement to the point that we have since been approached directly for assistance. Via Royal Mail we have also been suggested to other main contractors directly – such is their confidence in our abilities to provide them with a product that meets their requirements.