Maintenance Schedules

Ensure your cooling system continues to work safely and effectively with a planned maintenance schedule.

Our specially trained engineers at Vent-Tech can service our evaporative cooling systems or those installed by other companies. So please get in touch to see how we can help your company stay cool!

An end of season service isolates the water supply to prevent freezing and sets the system to run in ventilation mode only.  A pre-season service in March ensures the system is re-set and ready to be up and running over the summer months.

Regular evaporative cooling system servicing will:

  • Ensure your system is working correctly and effectively
  • Eliminate risk of legionella
  • Prevent build-up of algae, scale or any other unwanted substances
  • Identify when pads need replacing and carry out the replacement
  • Pre-empt any issues with the system

Why servicing is so important

Regular maintenance of our Eco-cooling systems is essential. This is because the systems need to be regularly serviced to eliminate the risk of a legionella outbreak. By law, companies also need to complete a legionella risk assessment (ACOP). We complete this assessment for you as part of the service.

We’re confident that our service and maintenance plans will benefit you. We help to :

1.   Enhance operational efficiencies by reducing breakdowns.
2.   Lower unexpected costs with a professional maintenance schedule.
3.   Reduce energy costs by monitoring your system’s efficiency.
4.   Fix most issues before they happen – For data centres this is especially important where a cooling system malfunction may result in data centre equipment failure.
5.   Earn your trust, because we will serve you reliably.

Service contract overview

Evaporative coolers provide cheap, straightforward, effective cooling for large areas. They will give you years of cooling if you have them serviced regularly as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The essentials – Some factors relating to servicing are essential to ensure the correct operation of your cooling equipment over its lifetime. These include:

  • Removing any build-up of contaminants. This will extend the equipment’s lifespan and help it to work to its full potential.
  • Ensuring only trained technicians carry out maintenance and repair work.
  • The number, and timing, of services – evaporative cooling units should have four services a year. It is recommended that one of these is at the start of  the cooling season and one to be at the season’s end.

Pre-Season Service – This is usually performed in March or April. In this service we clean, check, service and commission your system for operation over the summer.

Season’s End Service – This is usually performed in October or November. In this service we de-commission your system over the winter. This means isolating the water supply to prevent freezing, and setting the system to run in ventilation-only mode.

Our evaporative cooling servicing provides you with:

  • Cleaning – Units will be thoroughly cleaned on each visit. If necessary and suitable, a pressure washer and/or vacuum cleaner will be used. Fly screens, where fitted, will be cleaned or, if required, removed and replaced with new screens.
  • Configuration – The parameters and dip switches on units will be checked on each visit. This will ensure the coolers are configured correctly and running at optimum efficiency according to local conditions; for instance the water quality.
  • Operation – All moving parts, including pumps, valves and solenoids, plus hoses and joints will be checked for malfunction and faults like leakage. They will be replaced where necessary.
  • Spare parts – Our engineers hold stocks of most spare parts. The cost of any spare parts will be at the manufacturer’s recommended retail price.
  • Recommendations – Our engineers will make any recommendations regarding improvements to the system and likely future repairs or replacements, particularly in regard to pad replacement.
  • Water isolation – Where units are situated outside, it is essential that the water supply is turned off in winter. This is to prevent any freezing of pipes and valves in the unit, and the damage this would cause to your cooler and the building. In the autumn, our engineers will isolate the water supply to the roof and/or the coolers and drain down (where possible). In the spring, the water supply is reconnected ready for the coming summer cooling season.
  • Fixings – Depending on the type and age of your coolers and where they are situated, we may securely strap them. This is to ensure against extreme weather conditions and/or to prevent unauthorised interference.
  • Technical reports – Our engineers will provide a full written report of any servicing, maintenance and replacement of parts that has been carried out at the end of the visit before leaving the premises. This will include any observations or recommendations.
  • Legionella risk assessment – On each visit, providing the servicing of the coolers has been carried out and there are no outstanding issues of concern, our engineers will issue a Legionella risk assessment which will be valid for one year.
  • Year-round advice – Should you be unfortunate to suffer a breakdown of coolers, or alarm warning lights are activated, we provide immediate advice during office hours. We may be able to solve the issue over the phone at no additional charge. If a visit is necessary, then it would be prioritised as urgent with an engineer visiting as soon as possible. The costs of the extra visit will be agreed in advance.

To find out more, please call the team on 0117 964 7945 or fill out our contact form below and we will get back to you shortly.

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