External Installation

The EcoCooling units are fixed to the outside of a building. The evaporative cooler acts as an inlet fan, blowing cooled air through a plenum chamber or a ducted system into the building. Roof mounted down discharge systems are typically installed using a soaker sheet to provide a weather proof finish.

Extracting the warm air

The evaporative cooling blowing cool air into the building is usually matched with an extract system. This both gives the required ventilation rate, and provides a positive or negative pressure to the building.

Complete coverage or spot cooling

Installations can provide either complete coverage or spot cooling. In energy intensive applications it is normal to cool the corridors between the machines to cool the people. The heat from the machines then rises naturally, allowing it to be exhausted.

Sizing of systems using the air changes method

This method calculates the number of coolers required based on the number of air changes per hour, with a given working volume.

Typical air changes per hour are:

WorkloadNumber of air changes per hour
Light manufacturing (e.g. warehouse, packing area)


Normal manufacturing (e.g. machine shop, assembly area)


Heavy manufacturing (e.g. Injection moulding, welding shop)


Extreme conditions (e.g. bakery, forgery)



Example calculation:

  • A bakery is 20m x 24m and it is proposed to fit plastic external units, with a minimum plenum discharge height of 3.5m
  • Volume of working area: 20 x 24 x 3.5 = 1,680m3
  • Target air changes per hour: 30
  • Target air flow per hour: 30 x 1,680 = 50,400m3/hr
  • Air flow rate of VT16000 13,000 m3/hr@150Pa
  • Nominal number of coolers required 50,400 / 13,000 = 3.8 = 4 coolers

Therefore the proposal would be four coolers together with balanced extract to remove the warm air and to maintain a small positive pressure.

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