LEV systems for the chemical industry

Companies in the chemical industry work with many natural and synthetic materials and substances.

Chemicals can come in solid, liquid or gas form – any of which could be hazardous. But they can pose a particular danger as dust or gas, because they can become airborne and come into contact with people through touch or inhalation. Legally, the risks associated with this must be controlled, and this will often most effectively be achieved via LEV.

Vent-Tech has a huge range of experience in working with companies requiring chemical dust and fume extraction. Companies we have helped with LEV systems include Royal Mint, Rolls Royce, McBrides, West-Tek, Babcock, Frutarom, Derriford Hospital and London Linen.

LEV processes requiring LEV protection

If you carry out any processes using chemicals, you should undertake a risk assessment. The HSE provides chemical data sheets which will help inform you as you do your own risk assessment. This could highlight a wide range of hazards for which LEV will be the most appropriate solution. Processes which involve chemicals include: drying, mixing, burning, calcining, spraying and hydrating.

The risks posed by such processes include irritation and burns to the skin, and a range of respiratory health problems ranging from breathing difficulties to terminal or life-changing illnesses like cancer.

Tailored LEV systems for companies in the chemical industry

With such experience in the chemical industry, you can trust us to deliver the correct LEV solution for you. We will always inspect your site and come up with something that will work for your exact situation. This will allow us to take into account important considerations like ensuring the correct materials are used for the chemicals they are extracting.

We often see work carried out by less-experienced firms that are ineffectual because all the considerations were not thought through.

“ We have been very happy with the work that Vent-Tech has carried out at the Royal Mint. In particular the level of professionalism they have shown has been high, and we really value the level of advice we receive about practical improvements that can be made to the systems.”

Kevin Chamberlain, The Royal Mint

“ We couldn't be happier with the service that Vent-Tech have provided us with. From the very start we could tell that Colin knew exactly what he was talking about and they have made the whole process as straightforward as possible for us. When we had an issue with the installation (which was as a result of a problem our end), Vent-Tech stepped in and helped us remedy it quickly and efficiently even though it was not their problem. Altogether this means I can recommend them without hesitation. ”

Paul Kilsby, Print Manager, Image Factory

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Exposure to chemicals has the potential to be extremely harmful and even fatal – sometimes at low levels. Therefore, it is essential that they are controlled effectively. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you on 0117 964 7945.

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