Efficient & Bespoke Local Exhaust Ventilation Design

If you are looking for LEV system design, you will likely already understand the importance of quality LEV design when it comes to keeping your workplace safe.

Why is Bespoke LEV Design Important?

LEV is not a one size fits all. Many factors need to be taken into account when it comes to LEV system design, environmental and operational factors will have a major impact on the required attributes of your LEV system.

Each system we design is as individual as our clinets. Some of the factors that we need to take into account are:

  • Size of work area
  • The properties of the hazardous material requiring control
  • The volume of the hazardous material
  • How the operators work
  • Does the solution cover the entire process
  • Are there any potential explosive risks

Why Choose Vent-Tech for LEV Design?

Our comprehensive design service starts with a detailed site survey to understand the processes being undertaken and to ascertain any constraints that may be present. We use the very latest measuring equipment to create a precise 3D scan of your premises. This allows us to create a bespoke solution that not only protects your employees but also takes into account the exact nature of your workplace and how you work.


We call on over 20 years of experience in the business to meticulously design a system that fits your needs and is aligned with HSG 258 standards, ensuring workplace health and safety by mitigating airborne contaminants.


All our engineers are BOHS certified, and our expert team is led by industry thought leader Adrian Sims. Adrian is one of only a handful people in the UK to hold the prestigious Certificate of Competence in Control (another 2 of the holders work at Vent-Tech). This gives you the confidence that our advice will keep you and your staff safe and your business legal.

LEV Design Report

After the design visit, we will get to work on creating a design report and computerised models of the work area. As part of our design documents, we will provide you with:

3D Design drawing showing:

  • Hoods, type, and size.
  • Ductwork, route, and size.
  • Discharge stack (if required), size and height.
  • Fan and filter (if required) location.


Design file, containing:

  • Analysis of hazardous substance and control options required.
  • Capture velocities at source of fumes.
  • Face velocities of hoods.
  • Transport velocities within ducting.
  • Discharge velocity at stack termination.
  • Fan duty and pressures.
  • Fan and filter (if required) specifications.

This  tangible report will also demonstrate compliance with all relevant regulations including COSHH, Noise at Work, DSEAR and HSG258 control benchmarking for hazardous substances.

Within the report we will also provide our costs for supply and installation of the system. However, the design is yours and can be used to send to tender knowing that you will be getting accurate like-for-like quotes. Should you decide to use our installation services then we will credit the design fee from your final invoice.

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If getting your LEV system design done right is important to you, talk to us to find out how we can help. Our team can explain in more detail what we cover, how we can cater to additional requirements, how the costings work, and answer any other questions that you may have.

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