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Cooling Systems for Factories

Factory cooling systems enable manufacturing businesses to mitigate the impacts of high workplace temperatures, which can:

  • Lower productivity
  • Increase accident risks
  • Raise error levels
  • Extend absenteeism

Vent-Tech: Factory eco cooling solutions – A breath of fresh air

There are numerous benefits of having a temperature-controlled environment. But many businesses do not install factory cooling or ventilation systems because of the perceived prohibitive costs of running air conditioning. Consequently, factory environments can get unbearably hot in the summer months or during the manufacturing process.

Factory eco cooling systems from Vent-Tech provide a cost-effective solution to these challenges. Our systems can be programmed to maintain ventilation while only cooling the air when necessary. This minimises energy consumption in your factory and means that our cooling systems can reduce your cooling cost by up to 90% versus air conditioning.

The fully balanced factory ventilation systems we install do more than just ventilate and cool the air, they also extract some airborne contaminants. This makes the working environment safer and more pleasant for employees and ensures the company complies with building regulations concerning minimum air changes per hour.

“ I was very impressed by the lads you sent to do the work. All three of them were pleasant blokes who clearly knew what they were doing and were well versed in the H&S aspects that are important to working on our site. Thanks very much for rescheduling your other work and for getting the job done so professionally. We're keen to see the units in action now and reap the benefits! ”

Nick Phillip, Special Project Manager, Siniat (the new name for Lafarge Plasterboard)

Savings vs air conditioning

Changing from traditional air conditioning to evaporative cooling produces phenomenal results. The energy and cost savings are huge because the areas being cooled are so large in factories and warehouses.

Vent-Tech’s evaporative coolers use entirely fresh air, are simple to work and are safe. When compared to standard refrigerant-based air conditioning units they are 90% more efficient making them a game-changing technology.

What happens when doors are left open?

Unlike air conditioning, evaporative cooling systems work effectively even when doors and windows are left open.

We use our design and installation experience to make sure that when doors are left open, our cooling systems continue to perform without a significant drop in efficiency.

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