Get precise airflow modelling for your LEV system

As part of our expert design service, we offer advanced 3D modelling of airflows through your LEV system. This can either be for your dust and fume extraction hood or a whole room that contains an extraction system.

Our airflow simulation performs a flow analysis which shows air movement through dynamic coloured arrows. We can use this to determine if the velocities are correct and whether there is any turbulence or dead air. It can also be used to model a room for temperature differentials.

We can demonstrate this information to you visually, providing you with peace of mind that your extraction system will work and keep your staff safe – as well as comply with the HSE.

How airflow simulation helps you

Our SolidWorks software is a powerful tool for designing and understanding bespoke LEV systems. By using our airflow simulation service, you will:


  • Understand how your LEV extraction system will control airflow.
  • See accurately how your LEV system will work.
  • Have peace of mind that your LEV systems will keep staff safe and complying with COSHH regulations.

Find out more about Vent-Tech airflow simulations

Our airflow simulation service is just one part of our expert, professional LEV design service. As well as being used to show LEV solutions, it can also be used to run eco-cooling models. It does this by processing room temperature differences with colour-coded heat mapping of the cross section of a room. To find out more about airflow simulation and eco-cooling modelling, call us on 0117 964 7945 or use the contact form.