LEV Package

Get The Full LEV Package with Vent-Tech

October 21, 2021

There are plenty of LEV installation companies out there that can install an LEV system, but few that can provide the ongoing maintenance and support you may need if something goes wrong down the line.

At Vent-Tech, we pride ourselves in supporting our customers throughout the lifetime of their LEV system – from the bespoke design and installation to regular service checks and repairs that may arise. With Vent-Tech, you can relax in the knowledge that our expert engineers are only ever a phone call away to offer assistance. 

LEV System Casestudy

Recently, one of our clients contacted us concerned about their LEV system. The system had been installed by Vent-Tech in 2020. They explained that though the fans were working, there was no airflow and smoke could be seen coming out of the hood.

Although our engineer hadn’t been involved in the initial installation, he was able to review the installation file and commissioning report.

Our engineer was able to guide the customer through a series of checks over the phone and was then able to ascertain the issue, saving the customer both downtime of the system waiting on an engineer to attend site, and saving the customer money as no call-out fee was needed.

In this instance, the issue was as a result of poor maintenance and servicing of the system outside of our annual thorough examination and tests. To help avoid a similar situation in future, we suggested that the customer’s LEV operators and maintenance engineers undergo LEV training or opt for a service package with Vent-Tech to ensure the system is serviced regularly. 

Common LEV System Issues

Blockages and other similar issues within LEV systems can be a common occurrence without regular checks and maintenance. Our expert engineers at Vent-Tech can help, even if that just means talking you through the problem and solution over the phone. This can save you the time and money that would be associated with getting a call out. It may also help you develop a better understanding of your LEV system and what the problem might be if you experience issues again.

Not only can we assist with all things LEV, but we can also train you and your team up to be able to troubleshoot and fix your systems completely in-house. This will not just be blockages but you will gain the knowledge and experience to diagnose a variety of issues with LEV, as well as keeping up with regular checks to ensure it is working at its best.

Vent-Tech’s LEV Package 

It is interactions like the one we have discussed in this blog that are the reason why at Vent-Tech, we always keep track of the details of our installations and can promptly assist with any issues our customers may have post-installation. Get in touch with the experts at Vent-Tech today to discuss your system and find out how we can protect your employees from harmful airborne particles in the long term.