What should a guarantee from an LEV installation company offer?

November 16, 2015

What’s really important to you when getting an LEV system installed?
When comparing LEV quotes what should you really be looking for in the way of a guarantee?
We take a look at the things you should be looking for to ensure you are getting the best system for your investment.

In general terms

At the heart of any LEV system installation, there is one basic need – to improve your workplace environment. There are many factors that underpin this but if you’re not confident that a proposed system will at least deliver this then we suggest you look elsewhere.

The specifics

1.  Meets HSE Recommendations

The HSE is very clear about an employers responsibility to reduce the risk of harm to ‘as low as is reasonably practicable’

This means:

  • All control measures are in good working order.
  • Exposures are below the Workplace Exposure Limit, where one exists.
  • Exposure to substances that cause cancer, asthma or genetic damage is reduced to as low a level as possible.

Vent-Tech guarantees that all systems installed will meet (or in most cases exceed) HSE recommendations on installation.  By taking out a service contract with us you can also ensure that the control measures continue to be in good working order – and if something stops working properly then we also guarantee to react within 24 hours with a planned route forward.

2. Reduces Emissions to 1/10th WEL (Workplace Exposure Limit) or below

Whilst the HSE does publish workplace exposure limits for around 500 specific substances – these are the levels beyond which the ‘average’ person is likely to become ill.  But who is average?  In fact, if you dig a little deeper you’ll find that actually the HSE says employers need to ensure exposures to harmful substances is kept as far below the Workplace Exposure Limits (WEL) as reasonably practicable.

At Vent-Tech we don’t believe in putting in systems that just about ‘scrape through’ HSE tests, but instead guarantee that our systems protect workers by reducing emissions to 1/10th of the Workplace Exposure Limits – so you can be sure that all your employees are protected – not just those ‘average’ employees whoever they might be!

3. Commissions the system for you and provides all necessary documentation as ‘standard’

You can’t legally start using an LEV system unless it is commissioned and has been tested properly – so why is it that some companies consider these to be ‘extras’ and charge separately for them.

At Vent-Tech we guarantee that we will get you to the point where the system is commissioned up and running properly and you have all the documentation required i.e.

Commissioning reports detailing:

  • diagrams and a description of the LEV, including test points
  • details of the LEV performance specification
  • results, such as pressures and velocities at stated points
  •  calculations
  • written descriptions of the commissioning, the tests undertaken, and the outcome.
  • a description of how operators should use the system so it works effectively.

Thorough Examination and Test report (to ensure your compliance with Regulation 9 of the CoSHH Regulations)

User Manual 

LEV Log book containing

  • schedules for regular checks and maintenance
  • section for records of regular checks, maintenance, replacements and repairs
  • section for record of checks of compliance with the correct way of working with the LEV system

In Summary

The installation of an LEV system often involves high levels of investment.

Why risk having to do it again quicker than you might have needed to, or even worse falling foul of HSE regulations?

To ensure the system you have installed is going to be fit for purpose for years to come, make sure that you check the guarantees being offered by all the suppliers that you have quoted and that they GUARANTEE to

  • Meet HSE regulations
  • Reduce exposure to 1/10th WEL level where it exists
  • Provide you with all the necessary documentation as standard

For more information or please give us a call on 0117 971 2163 or email on enquiries@vent-tech.co.uk