BOHS Approved Training Partner

What is a BOHS course? 

May 30, 2022

It is important for employers to protect the health and wellbeing of their employees. Air quality is an important part of this if you work in an industry that produces airborne particles. You may have systems in place for dust and fume extraction, but how much do you know about it? Would you be able to tell if it wasn’t working optimally, and an understanding of what the issues may be it if it’s not? 


It is important to have someone on site who can answer these questions, which can be you or an appointed individual who is competent in dust and fume extraction.. Vent-Tech are the only LEV installers who can provide BOHS training, which means that our training is not only theoretically informative but also will contain practical insights that other BOHS training providers may not have.


Who should do a BOHS course?

All business premises where air quality or airborne particles are considered a hazard should have someone who has a detailed understanding in LEV systems. This person can be anyone who is able to undertake the relevant training, whether this is a manager, supervisor, engineer, or other technical staff. 


What are the benefits of a BOHS course from Vent-Tech?

Experienced course providers

As mentioned previously, Vent-Tech offers  real-world experience in LEV and extraction, which means that as well as the course syllabus you will receive numerous examples and extra information on equipment and best practices.  

Commitment to your success

Vent-Tech is committed to your success in whichever BOHS course you choose. This means that in the event of failing your first attempt, we offer free course attendance for your second attempt.

Ongoing help

Once you pass you don’t have to go out completely on your own. Vent-Tech are on-hand for any questions you may have, or for one-to-one mentoring to help guide you through your own systems or provide support with your first reports..

What types of BOHS courses are available? 

At Vent-Tech we offer the following courses:

  • P600 – This is a half day course which provides a foundational insight into LEV systems, and how to test LEV performance.  This course is recommended if you have no prior understanding of LEV systems.
  • P601 – The P601 is a four-day course that takes an in-depth look at the testing requirements for LEV.   It provides the methodology, theoretical knowledge, and practical skills needed to ensure all the attendees can undertake thorough examinations of the equipment.
  • P602 – The P602 takes a look at designing efficient LEV systems and the key considerations for LEV design when a hazard has been identified. This course also looks at the commissioning process and preparation of records.
  • P603 – The P603 is a two-day course and is about how to implement a successful personal protective plan against airborne hazards.
  • P604 – Undertaking the P604 demonstrates advanced proficiency in all things LEV. It includes validating control, RPE requirements for safe maintenance, checking of systems, and setting parameters for future Thorough Examination and Tests (TExTs.)


We offer our courses online and in person. We frequently have in person courses in Bristol and Sheffield. We also offer in-house courses where we can visit your business premises and provide more specific training that can help towards the mastery of your own systems. 

A BOHS course with Vent-Tech is a great way to bring your LEV tests in-house. It can also be of benefit in the time between scheduled LEV examinations for general maintenance and testing. At Vent-Tech. with online, in person and in-house courses it couldn’t be easier to help  meet your obligations towards the safety and well-being of yourself and your employees within the workplace.   If you have any questions regarding our courses or anything else LEV, then get in contact today. Alternatively browse our course options for yourself.