Why Choose A Design Over A Quote?

November 30, 2016

So What Is a Design and What Is a Quote?

Design: A specially commissioned design service will provide your company with an exclusive, bespoke LEV system.  A highly technical document detailing specifics.  You can be confident that the design you use will offer staff full protection from hazardous substances.

Quote: A less detailed description leaving the customer with a simplified understanding of the proposed system.  A quote is a brief description of the service they are going to provide and at what cost.

Benefits of A Design

  • Systems are designed by fully qualified engineers
  • A guaranteed solution to your LEV problem
  • Able to shop around the design, meaning you will get comparable quotes
  • Meeting all the HSG258 guidelines, therefore, achieving all HSE standards
  • Get it right the first time.  Many companies install the cheapest system that they are quoted for.  This may not be the right solution and an inspection from HSE could mean it all needs to be removed and a complete new install necessary.

What You Should Expect From A Design Service

The Report Should Contain The Following :-

  • Analysis of hazardous substances and control options required
  • Capture velocities at the source
  • Hood face velocities
  • Discharge velocity at stack termination
  • Fan specification

The Technical Drawings Should Show:

  • Hood dimensions and types
  • Ductwork size and routes
  • Discharge stack size and height
  • Fan location

In brief – If you ask different companies for quotes, you will likely get quotes for different systems that may or may not provide the best solution for you and your employees.  However, if you ask us to do the design first, then you can be confident all companies are quoting on the same LEV design guaranteed to protect your employees and meet HSE regulations.