Exhaust Hose Reels

Don't continue using old, worn out and damaged hose reels in your workshop. Invest in the latest exhaust hose reels - available to order directly from Vent-Tech.

Geovent Hose Reels

The Geovent hose reels are very suitable for the extraction of vehicle exhaust fumes but can also be used with welding fumes and other applications. We have a range of hose reels including spring return and electrically driven.

Price from £992.00 exc. VAT

Extraction Arms

Wing Extraction Arms, designed and built to last with clever features to ensure welding fumes are safely vented away during any welding process.

Geovent Wing Arms for Fume Extraction

The Geovent Fume Extraction arm is used for all types of spot extraction jobs, such as the extraction of welding fumes, oil mists, vapours and dust.

Price from £581.00 ex. VAT

Geovent Hood with Magnet

The hood is made of rolled aluminium which is powder coated and fitted with a magnet, so it is held in place when welding, grinding or using a blowtorch.

Prices from £148 excluding VAT

Geovent COMPACT Telescopic Arm

Geovent’s Telescopic compact arm is the ideal extraction solution for more restricted working places with low ceilings e.g. welding booths.

Priced from £743 exc. VAT

Geovent ASX Extraction Arm - Explosion Proof

Geovent ASX Extraction arms are used for the extraction of dust and/or gas classified as explosive. The extraction arm is articulated and has a gas spring and is available with a damper.

Price from £511.00 ex. VAT
for 2m arm x80mm width


If you're looking for robust, high quality portable fans to remove welding (and other low toxic) fumes, then check out the range of products offered by Vent-Tech.

Geovent Portable Fan PM-180-1

Geovent’s Portable Fan is suitable for the safe extraction of welding fumes and other low toxic fumes from applications in areas where a fixed ventilation system cannot be installed.

£1137.00 ex. VAT

Geovent Plastic Fans

Geovent Plastic Fans are made from acid proof plastic, designed for extraction of gases and fumes from highly corrosive processes, e.g. lab fume hoods, battery rooms, washers and chemical processes.

£792.00 ex. VAT

Geovent LSX/MSX ATEX Fan - Explosion Proof

Geovent LSX/MSX ATEX Fans with forward curving scirocco impeller are as standard supplied with EEx e motors, but can also be supplied with EEx d or EEx de motors. The typical scope of application is zone 1, zone 2 and zone 22.

£605.00 ex. VAT for LSX and £653.00 ex. VAT for MSX

Geovent LEX/MEX ATEX Fan - Explosion Proof

Geovent LEX/MEX ATEX Fan with backward curving impellers are as standard supplied with EEx e motors, but can also be supplied with EEx d or EEx de motors. The typical scope of application is zone 1, zone 2 and zone 22.

£1165.00 ex. VAT for LEX and £1312.00 ex. VAT for MEX

Geovent Centrifugal Fans

Our centrifugal extraction Fans are produced in sizes from 400m³/h – to 15,000m³/h in the low and medium pressure ranges. The fans are ideal for individual extraction jobs but also for larger central extraction systems.

Price from LSFG/KSFG £356.00 ex. VAT, LSKG/MSKG £1517.00 ex. VAT


We supply everything from small filters to very large and powerful welding fume filters that also double up effectively as industrial vacuum cleaners.

Geovent W3 Mobile Filter Unit

Geovent W3 Filter Unit is a W3 approved mobile extractor for extraction and filtration of fumes, vapors, dust and gases. It is a complete unit which includes: – 3m (160mm) extraction arm – 4 step filter (G4, F5, F9 & active carbon) – 1,1kw 1x230V fan (Qmax: 2.500m³/h) The arm is supplied ready for mounting (360° turnable), on a robust powder coated sheet metal cabinet with rubber wheels.

£2151.00 excl. VAT

Geovent GFO Oil Mist Filter

The Geovent GFO Oil Mist filter has a higher airflow (1,200 m³/h) and a higher filtration efficiency (99.9% at 0.3µm) than traditional oil mist filters. The GFO is a filter for the effective filtration of extracted air from processes such as CNC lathes, mills and drilling machines.

£897.00 ex. VAT

Geovent GFB Filter

The GFB particulate filter has a fully automated, pneumatic filter cleaning system which removes hazardous particles from 99.97% of the extracted air. The filter can be used in many industries where polluted air from processes such as welding, plasma/laser cutting, grinding, powder enamelling, etc. needs to be filtered.

£2994.00 ex. VAT

Geovent Geofilter GFX-ATEX - Explosion Proof

Geovent GFX filter (ATEX Certified) is approved for Category 1, 2 & 3 (dust) making it suitable for dust applications such as aluminum dust, magnesium, flour and more in Zone 20, 21 or 22.

£6645.00 ex. VAT

Geovent Geofilter Dust

The Geofilter Dust is a filter used as a supplement to existing extraction systems. The filter is designed to be built into the ducting system, where separate filtration is required to protect the extraction fan e.g. at grinding machines, belt sanders, etc.

£386.00 ex. VAT

ESTA Wet Separators NA-K B / NA-K VA

ESTA NA-K series of wet separators are designed for applications that produce a lot of flying sparks. They are also used for moist or sticky dusts, especially during grinding operations.

£16,499.00 ex. VAT

ESTA High Vacuum Power Welding Fume Filter COMPASOG SR

The central high vacuum welding fume filter ensures optimum extraction of fumes directly at the welding point. At the same time, the innovative extraction unit can be also used as an industrial vacuum cleaner.

£12,649.00 ex. VAT

ESTA Filter Tower WELDEX FT-150 / WELDEX FT 230

The WELDEX FT Filter Tower series is specially designed for effective welding fume extraction in production facilities. These tower devices are mainly intended for extracting contaminant-laden air when welding large or complex metal parts for which smoke capture is not practical.

£16,200.00 ex. VAT

ESTA Dustomat-10 Extractor - Mobile Dust Extractor

The ESTA Dustomat-10 is a powerful mobile dust extractor designed to extract dust and chips at changing work locations.

£2,269.00 ex. VAT

ESTA Dustomat 4

The new DUSTOMAT 4 dust extractor generation is equipped with efficient IE2 motors that achieve a high degree of efficiency in combination with the powerful impellers.

Price from £6799.00 excl. VAT

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners suitable for high volume dust removal within any industry sector where there is a requirement for removal on an industrial scale.

Geovent HVUX Units - Industrial Vacuums

Geovent High Vacuum Units (HVU and HVU Lite) are available in ATEX approved versions for use with dust applications.

Price from £11210.00 ex. VAT

LEV Test Kit

If you are undertaking a Thorough Examination and Test these products can help you to ascertain the performance characteristics of a system.

KIMO VT50 Thermo-Anemometer with Hotwire Probe (Calibration cost included)

The Kimo VT50 Thermo-Anemometer measures air velocity (i.e. the speed of the air) at small openings and hoods – to help ascertain the performance characteristics of a system. It is usually used alongside the Kimo LV50 and the Kimo MP 120.

£317.00 ex. VAT (£15 delivery charge)

KIMO MP120 Micromanometer with Pitot Tube (Cost includes calibration)

This Micromanometer is used to measure the air pressure within ducting  – in order to ascertain the transport velocity of the air.  It is usually used alongside the Kimo LV50 and the Kimo VT50 to measure a system’s performance during an LEV test.

£378.00 ex. VAT (£15 delivery charge)

KIMO LV130 Thermo-Anemometer with Integrated Vane Probe

The LV130 Thermo-Anemometer is used to measure air velocity on larger openings such as fume cupboards, enclosures and spray booths as part of a Thorough Examination and Test. It is usually used alongside the Kimo VT50 and the Kimo MP120.

Price from £344.00 ex. VAT ( £15 delivery charge)

Nozzles and Exhausts

A range of nozzles and exhaust pieces - depending on the purpose, we can supply nozzles for exhaust extraction in many different designs.

Geovent Nozzles for Vehicle Exhaust

we can supply nozzles for exhaust extraction in many different designs. From spring-loaded flap through to simple oval rubber nozzles.

Price from £100.00 ex. VAT

Geovent AU2 Hood

The Geovent Type AU2 Hood is a cleverly designed funnel that extracts exhaust fumes where the demand for extracted air volume is large, or where direct coupled nozzles are not suitable e.g. when measuring an engine on a rolling road or on test engines.

Price from £265.00 ex. VAT

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