LEV checklist

What should be on your LEV checklist?

September 17, 2021

LEV stands for local exhaust ventilation and is very important in industries with harmful airborne particles such as in food and carpentry. LEV works by capturing emissions at the source and filtering or transferring them away from an area where it can cause harm the individuals in the surrounding environment. 

In many industries, a correctly designed, installed and maintained LEV system is essential for the health of your employees. It is important to understand the key aspects to consider for the smooth installation and ongoing maintenance for your LEV system.


Consultation with Expert LEV Engineers 

If you are a new health and safety manager or have been made aware of any LEV issues in your workplace, it is good to get an expert opinion on changes or additions to be made to keep employees safe.

At Vent-Tech we offer consultancy services where our experts will visit your site and evaluate the dangers and advise what needs to be done to minimise them.


Find a Bespoke Design Service

If there are issues with your local exhaust ventilation system then it may be in need of a redesign. For an LEV system to function optimally, it should be designed with the space in which it is located in mind. At Vent-Tech, our extensive knowledge and experience enables us to produce effective solutions for complicated ventilation issues which other companies may not have the skills or resources to cater to.

As part of our design service, we invest time into research and development to provide the most innovative solutions for our customers. Part of our design service is a 3D airflow module which will allow you to see how air flows around your site and how a proposed LEV system would improve airflow. The flow simulation can also help to ensure velocities of the system are correct, in order to make sure there is no turbulence or dead air.


Have a Competent Installer for Your LEV

Once you have a well-designed LEV system, it’s important that it is installed by professionals to ensure it is working correctly. Vent-Tech has the knowledge and experience to make sure your installation goes smoothly and that your LEV will work just as the design intended.

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Check Your LEV Daily with a Maintenance Checklist 

There are certain parts of LEV that can be checked very easily by your in-house team. Knowing what to look out for and when you may need to get an expert in will keep your LEV running smoothly and efficiently. It is good practice to share these daily checks with employees as well who can alert you if something is not working correctly.


Check the surrounding area for smells or settled dust

If your LEV system isn’t running optimally then it will not be removing all contaminants from the air. This may leave a smell or visual evidence around the system.

Is the LEV system making unusual noises or vibrations?

If your system is being louder or vibrating more than usual then there may be a blockage or issue with the system internally. Getting an expert to look at this can prevent further damage and health and safety concerns.

Has the system been tested recently?

LEV systems should undergo a thorough examination every 14 months. A good way to keep track of this is by labelling the system when it was tested and when it needs its next test.


Competent LEV tester

For your LEV test every 14 months you need the details of a competent LEV tester with experience and knowledge. HSE guidance for tests states that a test should include a visual and structural examination of the LEV system to ensure that it is clean and working well. Tests should also include a review of technical performance and an assessment of the LEV’s effectiveness in providing adequate control of exposure to airborne contaminants. 

At Vent-Tech all our engineers hold P604 qualifications and will not just pass or fail your systems but will also advise what needs to be done in the event of failure to get your systems up to standard.

Ensuring that you have details of experts that can help with your system installation and maintenance combined with an understanding of the system and vigilance to changes in the operation of the system is the best way to ensure the continued reliability of your LEV system.

If you have any questions regarding LEV get in touch with Vent-Tech for help.